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Wages & Salaries


Hourly Labor Costs

EU average in 2017, where hourly labor costs was €26.8/hour, representing the 2nd lowest hourly labor costs in EU28 countries.

For Member States outside the euro area in 2017, the largest increase in hourly labor costs in the whole economy, expressed in national currency, were observed in Romania (+17.1%).

By sectors, total labor costs in Romania are among the lowest in EU, well below EU28 average in all activity sectors.

In 2017, mean hourly labor costs in industry was €5.8 (5.2 times lower than EU28 average of €27.4); in construction sector was €4.8 (approx. 5 times lower than EU28 average of €23.7); in services was €6.7 (approx. 4 times lower than EU28 average of €26.6) and in business economy was €6.1 (4.4 times lower than EU28 average of €26.6).

Overall*, the hourly labor costs in Romania was around €6.3/hour, 4.25 times lower than

Average labour costs in Romania vs EU28

Source : Eurostat

Minimum Monthly Gross Wage

EU Member States. Romania has the third lowest minimum wage, €408/month, after Bulgaria (€261/month) and Lithuania (€400/month).

Starting February 1st, 2018, the minimum monthly gross wage in Romania is €408/month.

Minimum monthly gross wage in EU Member States (January 2018)

Note: Denmark, Italy, Cyprus, Austria, Finland, and Sweden: no national minimum wage

Source : Eurostat