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State aid

Romanian State Aid

One of the competitive advantages appealing to the investors are the two state aid schemes for supporting the foreign capital influx into the Romanian economy, with a total budget of EUR 1.5B for the 2014-2023 period.

STATE AID - GD 807/ 2014

For investments exceeding EUR 1 million


Eligible costs: construction of new buildings; renting costs for constructions related to the initial investment; CAPEX aimed at technical installations and tools; acquisition of intellectual property.


The Government of Romania updated twice this state aid scheme, first in 2018 when it was reduced from EUR 10 mil. to EUR 3 million and second in 2019, from EUR 3 million to EUR 1 million.

Here you can find more information on the Romanian State Aid Network.

STATE AID - GD 332 / 2014

For investments creating minimum 100 new jobs / per location*


Eligible costs: salary costs registered for a 2 consecutive year period resulted as a direct consequence of the investment; salary costs are comprised of gross average annual salary plus benefits


*in different locations of the investment

STATE AID - GD 959/ 2022

For supporting investments in the manufacturing industry


For supporting the Romanian economic companies to develop the production potential for materials / products / equipment and services necessary for the market, by ensuring the necessary financing sources and production capabilities.


Minimum EUR 3 million investment


Starting a new unit

Expanding the capacity of an existing unit

Diversifying the production of a unit through products that were not previously manufactured in the unit

Fundamental change of the general production process of an existing unit

Creating new jobs

State Aids - Current map of intensities (2022-2027)