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State aid

Romanian State Aid

STATE AID - GD 807/ 2014

Minimum EUR 3 mil. investment

Construction of new buildings

Renting costs for existing buildings

CAPEX aimed at technical installations and tools

Acquisition of intellectual property


Government of Romania updated in 2018 this important state aid measure with the following:


Reducing the minimum value of the investment project from EUR 10 mil. to 3 million

Yearly budget of state aid for this measure, EUR 145 million

The candidate can start the investment immediately after the request for financing has been made

Introducing a continuous open session for submitting projects

STATE AID - GD 332 / 2014

Minimum 10 new jobs / per location

Salary costs registered for a 2 consecutive year period resulted as a direct consequence of the investment

Salary costs are comprised of gross average annual salary plus benefit

Here you can find more information regarding the Romanian State Aid Network.