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InvestRomania Attended Workshop at ELI-NP

InvestRomania Attended Workshop at ELI-NP

The InvestRomania team took part yesterday in the “Extreme Light’s Modernistic Applications” workshop jointly organized by IZEST, ELI NP, Amplitude Technologies and Thales, at the National Physics Library in Magurele, Romania. The discussions focused on the applications of proton acceleration using extreme laser light, particularly medical applications such as proton therapy and nuclear pharmacology.
InvestRomania presented the business ecosystem in Romania, highlighting ELI-NP’s great potential of becoming a startup hub for research and development in medical device applications in the region. It is worth mentioning that, out of the approximately 130 researchers currently working at the facility, a third is composed of foreigners and another third of Romanian researchers who have returned especially to work here. During the next two years, this exciting project plans on adding at least 200 more people to its team, so this will be a great opportunity for researchers in the Romanian diaspora to return to the country.

Additionally, the National Ministry of Education and Scientific Research, with the support of the ‘Ion Mincu’ University of Architecture and Urban Planning and the Technical University of Civil Engineering in Bucharest, have launched an international competition for an urban development project called ‘Laser Valley — Land of Lights’. The purpose of the competition is to create an integrated social, business and leisure ecosystem around the The Extreme Light Infrastructure — Nuclear Physics Facility at Magurele. Proposals are expected from national and international teams of students, graduates and researchers who want to innovate in illustrating this urban development vision.

The ELI NP project aims to install the world’s most powerful laser in the town of Magurele, giving Romania the chance of becoming a prominent international hub for the scientific community. It is going to be the most advanced research facility in the world focusing on the study of photonuclear physics and its applications (www.eli-np.ro).

More details are available here: www.laservalleycompetition.ro