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Good News from Economic Forum 2016. Shall we expect more media coverage and new investments announced?

Good News from Economic Forum 2016. Shall we expect more media coverage and new investments announced?

In September, InvestRomania team attended the 26th edition of Economic Forum in Krynica, Poland. Our team, represented by Oana Bizgan, Chief of Staff and Alina Arsani, Adviser actively participated to panel discussions and bilateral meetings in order to promote Romania’s competitive advantages to investors and to share best practices on attracting foreign investments with similar institutions.

Oana Bizgan and Alina Arsani, were invited to attend the panel „The Future of Post-Brexit Foreign Direct Investment in Central and Eastern Europe” by Andrew Wrobel, Chief Editor at Emerging Europe. During the panel, foreign investors from UK exhibit willingness to relocate their business to Romania. According to participants at the panel, most attractive sectors are ICT and auto. After the panel, the discussion continued with UK’s Outsourcing Association and agreeing on following-up with a presentation of the sector.

Andrew Wrobel and his colleague, Emilio Ramos, from Emerging Europe spoke with Oana Bizgan about Romania’s competitive advantage and its economic and social development; which ended with a proposal on a series of stories for the magazine.

During the conference, Oana Bizgan participated in two more panel discussions: “Cultural and Creative Industries – Growth potential for the Economies of CEE Countries” and “Developing the Country’s Image on International Stage”. In the second panel, Oana spoke about Romania’s image, “The image of a country is built on the local level as well as the central level, everybody knowing their advantages best. I always like to compare my country to a Dacia Duster; Romania is not a Ferrari, Romania is a very healthy robust Duster; we are not a cheap country, but we are definitely offering value for money. The Duster has a very healthy pool of customers, a growing market and the costumers are very happy with the performance and the quality of their car” stated Oana Bizgan.

The Invest Romania team participated to bilateral meetings with Invest Brussels, Minister of Foreign Investments in Macedonia, British Chamber of Commerce and other important professionals in the field in order to discuss best practices and policies in attracting foreign investors.

Our presence at Economic Forum 2016 represents a step forward for the success of our projects in promoting Romania as a destination for investors.