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Competitive Advantages

In the highly dynamic and interconnected world of global business with paradigms of economic power being drawn and redrawn relentlessly, Romania has succeeded in maintaining its position as the leading foreign direct investment recipient in the SEE, proving that an unremitting desire to seek performance, improvements and productivity gains, doubled by a sound economic policy and a safe environment is still the script for success and cost-effectiveness.

As part of the European Union, Romania stands for an incredible market opportunity in terms of size (the 9th in EU28) and population (the 7th in EU28), offering investors a high market potential as the second largest country in Central and Eastern Europe and the largest in SEE. Following the country’s EU accession in 2007, investors here find themselves within a single market of 500 million consumers, as one of the largest in the world, providing enormous advantages for companies seeking new markets for development and growth. Moreover, EU membership makes it also eligible for over EUR 40 bill in EU grant funding. Besides its belonging to the great European family, Romania enjoys yet another significant international affiliation- NATO membership – standing as a pillar of strength in maintaining stability and security in the region.

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Over the years Romania has been able to cash-in on its geo-strategic location, as positioned at the crossroads of three great markets: the European Union, the CIS states and the Middle East, being crossed by three important pan-European transportation corridors: no. 4 linking Europe from West to East, no. 9 from North to South and no. 7, facilitating inland water transportation on the Danube. Furthermore, while remaining a strategic partner for the U.S., as the Eastern frontier of the Euro-Atlantic structure and a major geopolitical actor on the Black Sea the country is part of the Belt and Road initiative and will play a key role  within this massive infrastructure development project and grand design.

Romania owns 1/3 of the Danube River, also standing as the most significant gateway to the Black Sea through Constanta Port, the largest and deepest port at the Black Sea (with a 6 days time saving competitive advantage against the biggest European port, Rotterdam, as concerns Asian goods transportation by sea).

The country is also rich in natural resources, some of its most important ones being the agricultural land and significant mineral deposits (e.g.: petroleum, natural gas, salt, coal, gold etc.). Soils in most parts of the country are fertile. Chernozem or black earth, highly suited to cereal culture, predominates in the South and Eastern part of the country.

Projecting itself more effectively on the world investment map throughout cost-competitive business climate and maintaining its position as one of the most investment-conducive countries in the pool represents a mandatory achievement for Romania. Therefore, the country secured a sound, healthy economy, enjoying a generous state aid schemes and a competitive tax system – one of the lowest flat tax, VAT and income tax in the EU, tax exemption on reinvested profit and income tax exemption. The friendly business climate stands for solid ground in achieving sustainable global competitiveness, being designed to satisfy the international business community need for successful projects to be implemented.

Moreover, Romania is the best performing country in EU registering the highest growth, being also “recommended for investment” by all three major international rating agencies (S&P, Moody’s and Fitch).

Romania has a cost – effective business environment enjoying the 4th lowest gas prices and the 6th lowest electricity prices in EU and one of the fastest internet in the world, enjoying great broadband infrastructure.

A significant network of 84 industrial parks spread across the country with both private and public ownership, brigs to investor’s fingertips suitable locations with access to utilities & benefit packages according to their focus, for successful project implementation.

Another “pro” for taking upon the country resides in its extensively creative potential of highly skilled workforce at competitive prices, (third lowest minimum wage in EU) enjoying reduced cultural and language barriers. Born at the crossroads of different cultures and civilizations, where East meets West, Romanians are multilingual, flexible, innovative and future oriented offering a multitude of qualities at outstanding prices, as investors can enjoy a skilled workforce at a fraction of its worth. The entrepreneurs that decide to take upon Romania are having at their fingertips an enormous reservoir of educated talent, winning kudos in the international professional arena. Over the years, this country has nurtured outstanding performances in terms of global recognition, profiling itself as an international talent exporter, feeding some of the world’s most prestigious players in all fields of activity.

Thus, today Romania is a country of quality that in the past few years has succeeded in moving forward the value chain, as some of the investors that entered the market over ten years ago with basic manufacturing are now branching out into more technologically sophisticated projects. The country stands as a true benchmark for the region, a center of clear competencies in the high-technology based global market.

Romania and InvestRomania are fully committed to secure value-added investments that are technologically advanced, innovation intensive, with maximum economic impact as the only viable way for maintaining Romania where it rightfully belongs: the front line of the internationally enterprising.