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Aerospace market overview in Romania

Romania has production facilities in:

  • manufacturing of landing gears
  • wheels and brakes
  • airplanes
  • engines and engines components
  • airframes and components
  • hydraulic/ pneumatic equipment and components
  • computer software, services and databases
  • aircraft operating and control systems
  • inflatable, training equipment and services
  • test and inspection equipment
  • coatings and paints
  • plastic materials.
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At national level

more than 30 players in the aerospace industry and auxiliary sectors have total revenues of EUR 400 million and more than 6,420 employees. In 2014, the gross profit of this companies was above EUR 60 million.

Other related activities covers:

Repair and maintenance of aircraft and spacecraft, engineering activities and related technical consultancy, manufacture of communication equipment, manufacture of textile articles, contracting activities, on a temporary basis, staff, wholesale of textiles, manufacture of metal structures and parts of structures, aluminum production, activities to develop custom software, general mechanics operations, manufacture of electronic (modules), wholesale of metals and metal ores, publishing of other software


In 2014

total turnover in manufacturing was approximately EUR 186 mil., 65.6% bigger than 2009. One of the main drivers of recovery is international trade, with a significant number of local aerospace companies exporting more than 77-78% of total production.

In terms of labor productivity

output per employee increased by more than 90% in the 2008 – 2014 interval. There was an aggregate growth rate of labor productivity of 11.3% per year in the same period, which is likely to keep accelerating considering the new investments entering the country. In the same period, net profit margin significantly increased, from 4.7% in 2008 to 12% in 2014, mainly driven by export demand.