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About us

InvestRomania’s main goal is to attract and facilitate foreign direct investment in Romania

InvestRomania is the government organization dedicated to providing professional support and advice to foreign investors in Romania.

Whether it’s about opening a new office or an entire manufacturing facility, our expert advice and support services are offered free of charge to organizations wishing to come to Romania.

All relevant information regarding institutional data such as procedural transparency, asset declarations and the organization chart can be found at this link.

Our vision

We are focusing on increasing investment in value added sectors

We are committed to contributing to Romania’s economic resilience and steady growth through influx of capital, know-how and new technologies.

Furthermore, we aim at significantly increasing investment and expansion in value added sectors, currently focusing on six specific sectors – IT & Business Services, Aerospace, Automotive, Agribusiness, Bioeconomy and Creative Industries.

What we can do for you

We constantly strive to improve Romania’s value proposition as a business destination

As such, we:

Provide information on legal framework, business costs, tax and government support, infrastructure and other relevant areas

Link potential investors with local resources and opportunities

Offer guidance for project implementation during all stages of the decision-making process and consultancy regarding any arising complications

Assist in maintaining a level playing field for foreign investors and public sector stakeholders

We're here to support any company interested in investing in Romania

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